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  • Unpopular Science

    Unpopular Science

    Dismantling Corporate Science Propaganda

  • Arturo Jose Garcia

    Arturo Jose Garcia

    | Food System Influence Advisor | Business Development & Communications | Views Mine |

  • Ketan Joshi

    Ketan Joshi

    Anecdata analysis, research, writing, caffeine. Science, tech and data communications professional in Sydney.

  • Rupert Read

    Rupert Read

    Reader of Philosophy at UEA. Author, ‘Parents for a future’. Former national spokesperson for Extinction Rebellion.

  • Shireen Kassam

    Shireen Kassam

    Consultant Haematologist and Lifestyle Medicine Physician. Founder and Director of Plant-based health professionals UK.

  • Dr Helena Wright

    Dr Helena Wright

    “Now is not the time for speaking politely“. Trying to solve the climate crisis. Working on #sustainablefinance #greenfinance #climatechange #fossilfree

  • Dr. Michelle McMacken

    Dr. Michelle McMacken

  • Jeffrey Boadi

    Jeffrey Boadi

    Sharing views on health, wellness, personal growth and everything in-between. Thriving on a 100% plant-based diet.

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